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All Air Cadet Squadrons operate as a partnership between the CIC Officers and the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC). Our Squadron needs your help!


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What is the Squadron Sponsoring Committee?

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is typically made up of members and volunteers that partner with the Squadron Staff. Our committee is normally composed of parents and guardians but membership is open to grandparents, neighbours, and community members of all kinds. 

Without members and volunteers many activities in a Squadron would not take place. Members and Volunteers give their time in a variety of ways, for example: running the canteen, driving Cadets to and from events, publishing a newsletter, helping with special events, assisting with summer course selections and promotion interviews, coordinating the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards program, being a photographer or a media relations representative for the Squadron and so on.

Having a strong and active SSC ensures that 909 is successful and no one individual becomes overburdened to support the Squadron.

How can I join?

First step is to come and talk to our current members and filling in the registration forms below.

SSC Membership Application

Status Verification Form

Screening and Registration Application

myBackcheck - Criminal Record Check


The Air Cadet League has a legal and moral obligation in reviewing the suitability of all individuals working or involved with youth. That is why the application process is so thorough. A volunteer’s Registration/Screening is valid for five years as long as the volunteer remains in good standing. By applying and being approved, the Volunteer undertakes an obligation to report any subsequent change to his/her situation/circumstances that is of a nature to reasonably and usually require a re-evaluation and re-screening (example, a new criminal offence).

Reach out to to find out more about how you can get involved!

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