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Uniform Request Form

One of our top priorities is ensuring everyone gets kitted with a uniform that fits properly as soon as possible. We need all the uniforms that don’t fit back so we can re-issue them to someone else.

Please follow the steps of the excel form (click button to access) form to get a new uniform or replace an old ill-fitting one.

If your uniform doesn’t fit:

  • Wash all uniform parts that no longer fit you

  • Put the washed uniform parts into a garbage bag

  • Put your First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email on a piece of paper IN THE BAG

  • Put your LAST NAME somewhere on the outside of the bag

Uniform Maintenance Help

Wearing the Dress Uniform (Head to Toe)

Field Training Uniform  (FTU) + DEU Tie

Forming the Beret

Sewing Badges onto Tunic

Wearing the FTU (Head to Toe)

Ironing Trousers (Intro + 2:15-3:20)

Blousing W/ Boot Bands

Polishing Parade Boots

Blackening "Combat" Boots

Dress Uniform (DEU/Blues)

Ironing Shirt (Intro + 3:20-6:10)

Tying Blue Uniform Tie (Double Windsor Knot)

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