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What is Cadet365? 


Password Help 

Cadet365 is a collaborative platform for Cadets and Adult Staff across Canada. The suite provides access to Microsoft products like Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Planner, OneNote, OneDrive and more. The aim of the suite is to promote collaboration and facilitate remote work.

After enrollment, each cadet is given a Cadet365 account. At 909, we use MS Teams to stay connected. 

Cadet365 Onboarding

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You will receive your username and password (credentials) from the administration officer. You will then need to activate your Cadet365 account following these onboarding instructions. It is highly recommend you use both a computer and smartphone to complete these steps when possible.

To effectively utilize Cadet365 at 909, you will need to download the following apps on your smartphone, stay logged in, and keep notifications on. If you do not have a smartphone, use a computer but check as regularly as you can. 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Outlook


Please note that in addition to access from a web browser, you are also able to download and log into most Cadet365 tools on a computer, tablet, and/or smartphone. 

If your password has expired, use the expired account password recovery tool.


If you need to reset your password, use the self-serve password reset by Microsoft. ​This only applies if you have completed onboarding.


Microsoft Teams 


Microsoft Teams is the primary way by which we communicate directly with our cadets at 909. It allows our cadets and staff to collaborate, share information, attend meetings, and more.


So that our Cadets can keep up to date, and so we can reach them when needed, we require that all cadets check Teams as frequently as they're able - depending on if they can get the smartphone app, or if they need to use a computer. See the onboarding instructions section to learn what apps you might need. Be sure to keep notifications on!

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