The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) consists of a group of dedicated parent volunteers and it is responsible for ensuring that adequate funding is available to cover all costs, not provided by the DND, to operate the squadron at the local level. By far the biggest expense that the SSC is required to pay every year is rent for the training facilities. In addition, the SSC provides funding for a large number of optional training events, training equipment, tours, familiarization flying (powered aircraft and helicopters), field training exercises and a number of fun social activities among many other things.

The Sponsoring Committee relies heavily on parent/guardian volunteers to help out with the various fundraising initiatives as well as some of the cadet activities and events held each year. 

Because Air Cadets is a youth program, Air Cadet League policy mandates that all volunteers must complete the Air Cadet League screening process.  It is strongly recommended that at least one parent/guardian from each cadet family completes the required screening process and become a member of the SSC.  Volunteers must complete the Air Cadet League screening package including the online "Enhanced Police Information Check" (E-PIC) through Sterling Talent Solutions in order to participate in any cadet functions such as fundraising, training activities or other cadet events.

Quite simply put, the more parents/guardians that are screened means the more volunteers that would be eligible to help which in turn means the less often each volunteer would be required to help out.  Many hands make light work!

Contact our SSC Chairperson to learn more!